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The Dashboard

Measure the Pulse of Your Website.

See exactly how many people are on your site right now and how that compares to the past. Quickly compare historical statistics and see what keywords, locations, referrers, tweets, languages, etc. are driving traffic and behaviors on your site.

Use conversion funnels to see the exact points in the conversion process where people are abandoning, then zoom in and watch recordings of those exact visitors.

I love Lucky Orange.”

Lucky Orange helps me understand how consumers search and use my website. By using your product, I have discovered that when a consumer would type in a price range like $300,000, and click search, The comma was not allowing them to see listings of properties in that price range.

This was a programming error that I reported to my staff to fix. Our goal is better user engagement. I love Lucky Orange.”

Jay Valento of The Red Wagon Team

Live Visitors

Realtime Analytics Like You've Never Seen.

See every person that is on your site at this very moment. Co-Browse and Chat with customers to give an unparalleled level of support to help them through the conversion process.

You cannot get the same features all packed into one app anywhere.”

I would recommend this to every Shopify store owner. You cannot get the same features all packed into one app anywhere. Not to mention you can't get those features for the same price as Luck Orange let alone all packed into one app. If you have any concern or hesitation with using Lucky Orange you shouldn't. I promise you wont regret it. ”

Store Owner at

Visitor Recordings

Watch a Movie of Real Customer Behavior.

Out of the box, watch anonymous movies of visitors interacting with every page of your site, including clicks, movements, scrolls and more.

Segment recordings using powerful "behavior tagging" so you can see exactly why visitors are abandoning. Filter to see when someone visited a product page but never checked out.

Within a couple of days...we had converted three new clients.”

Most crucially of all, I noticed that almost every visitor was looking for pricing information - something we didn't provide. Within a couple of days of changing the site and adding the pricing they were looking for, we had converted three new clients.”

Claire Broadley of Huffington Post

Sales & Support Chat

Learn Directly From Your Customers.

Invite a user to chat, or let them click a subtle and customizable chat button on your site. When you're not available to chat, the system turns into an easy to use contact form.

Fully customizable, with the functionality you'd expect, such as multiple operators, chat logs, canned responses, and more.

We have already gotten several additional sales...”

Lucky Orange is great! You get more detailed information than just using Google Analytics, including being able to see your customers navigate around your site.

We also love the Live Chat feature which allows us to interact directly with customers while they are browsing the site and help answer any questions they have. We have already gotten several additional sales by helping customers through the Live Chat feature! I would highly recommend Lucky Orange to anyone who wants more information on how their customers shop!”

Store Owner at

Heat Maps

A Heat Map is Worth 1,000 Clicks.

Aggregate thousands of visitor behaviors into gorgeous heat maps that show you how people read, and interact with all pages of your site. Heat Maps are easily shareable and embeddable in presentations or emails.

Warning, it is also seriously addictive!”

Lucky Orange is a simple to install, powerful tool for the most intimate of web analytics. Actually seeing what the visitors do is so powerful. We only scratch the surface of LO's capabilities but find it to be great value to our business. WARNING - It is also seriously addictive!”

Rob Burns


Super Quick & Valuable Customer Feedback.

Stop playing the guessing game as to what your customer's are looking for and ask them directly. A poll is super quick and non-intrusive. It can be fully customized and can be set to show up after a variety of conditions.

Plus they have been really responsive to my questions and feedback. I am sold.”

Lucky Orange is the easiest way I have come across to set up click tracking/heatmaps, polls and chat. Before, this took 3 different apps, so I really appreciate the streamlining effect this has had on my workflow. The app has outstanding visual design, loads very fast and has been glitch free so far. Plus they have been really responsive to my questions and feedback. I am sold.”

Store Owner at

Form Analytics

Are Your Forms Causing Abandonment?

Discover which fields on your forms are causing the most friction and abandonment. Get access to five distinct and highly valuable reports, including abandonment:

  • Which fields are most often the last abandoned
  • Time to start
  • Time spent typing in each field
  • The order people filled out each field
  • Which fields are repeated the most
  • ...saw conversions increasing literally the next day!”

    Watching the actual movement of many users on our site showed definitively what was being interacted with and what wasn't. We adjusted our content structure on our landing page and saw conversions increasing literally the next day! Can't speak more highly of Lucky Orange!”

    Lucky Orange Customer

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