See How your Visitors
Actually Use your Website

Visitor Browsing Recordings, Live Chat, Heatmaps, Polls, and...

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Watch Mouse Movements
See your visitors' movements and clicks, in real time or recorded. Also works on member only pages.
Real Time Visitor Map
See your visitors plotted in real time on a map of the world. Also, see top performing countries, states, in chart form.
Live Chat Software
Really simple 1-to-1 chat support. Chat with multiple visitors at the same time. Chat stays on the page and follows visitors from page to page.
Heat Maps
Click heat maps, Scroll Depth heat maps, and Mouse Movement heat maps.
Visitor Polls
Get instant feedback about your site. Ask any question and see results in real time.
Easy Setup & Integration
One piece of javascript and you're off. Also, integrates with Wordpress or Blogger.